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Filter presses are used for the dewatering of process, production and tailings slurries.

They are widely used in the following sectors:

·                            pharmaceutical

·                            cosmetics

·                            sugar

·                            waste treatment

·                            tanning

·                            mining

·                            other industries where technological processes produce significant amounts of wastewater, slurries, etc.


As the exclusive authorised partner of DIEMME Filtration in Poland we are able to offer the widest range of filter presses available in the global market.

Apart from the design differences (single upper beam, double upper beam or side bars) the DIEMME Filtration range of machines differ both in size and level of automation.

The size of the filter press is directly related to the size and number of filter plates used. GHT 4x4 filter presses can weigh up to 75 tonnes and their average length is approx. 18 metres. Undoubtedly at the moment they are the biggest filter presses in their category in the world.

Automation level can be adjusted depending on the needs of the customers:

·                            semi-automatic filter presses require operator’s intervention during some phases of the cycle;

·                            automatic machines require only operator supervision;

·                            fully automatic filters can work without the need of any intervention.

Filter plates

Our offer includes all three known types of filter plates:

·                            Frame filter plates,

·                            Recessed filter plates,

·                            Membrane filter plates

  Standard plates in our offer can be between 400x400 mm and 2500x2500 mm.

Servicing, repairs and modernisations

Our scope of services includes:

·                            replacement or regeneration of the hydraulic system (filter closing-opening),

·                            replacement or upgrade of the control system,

·                            supply of modern sensors and automation equipment,

·                            sizing and retrofit of the slurry feeding pumping system,

·                            replacement of old plates with new – made of polypropylene,

·                            sizing the most appropriate filter cloths,

·                            continuous supply of filter cloths.

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