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Vibrating screens

Screen design and application

One of the main machines in the process of classification, beneficiation and dewatering of minerals are screens. The main parts of screens are:

-  screen frame with adjustable tilt angle which can be equipped with various screen panels – depending on the given application,

-  flexible parts connecting the screen frame with the support structure,

-  vibrating motor with various vibrating frequencies and amplitude with one or two vibrators depending on the given application,

-  support structure,

-  feeding and discharge hoppers and pans.

Screen design is sized on a case-by-case basis depending on the installation area and application.


Screen characteristics:

American company Derrick Corporation is a global leader in the production of screens for classification and dewatering of fine and ultra-fine fractions.

Typical features of Derrick screens include:

-  compact design (small footprint),

-  for installation design it is possible to skip dynamic loads,

-  vibrations are not transmitted to the structure,

-  high frequency of vibrations (1500–3500 rpm),

-  high capacity per 1 m2,

-  possibility to classify fractions from 6 mm to 75 µm,

-  stable structure,

-  extremely low power requirements – not exceeding 3.7 kW,

-  very high screen panel open (active) area.


You can find pictures of Derrick Corporation screens in the gallery

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