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Pulsating jigs



Pulsating jigs are mainly used for the beneficiation of hard coal and to recover gravel and sand while removing organic and mineral impurities.


Main jig types

for had coal beneficiation:

  •  OZ coarse coal jig – for beneficiation of 120–20 mm fraction;
  •  OS medium coal jig – for beneficiation of 50–0.5 mm fraction;
  •  OS fine coal jig – for beneficiation of 20–0.5 mm fraction;

 for gravel and sand recovery:

  • for beneficiation of 32–2 (0) mm fraction.


Design and sizing

  • The engineering process of pulsating jigs for the given productivity is based on the estimated beneficiation forecast prepared on the grounds of process characteristics of the feed and/or raw material separation tests.
  • Sizing of the optimum machine depends on the particle size analysis and gravimetric content of the feed and types of impurities contained therein (refuse).


 Main technical characteristic

  • imperfection factor for hard coal beneficiation – average I=0.15;
  • efficiency of removing organic and mineral impurities from sand-gravel feed – average S=90%;
  • maximum unit productivity per 1 m2 of screen area Qj=25.0 Mg/h;
  • integrated electronic control system.


PROREM offers design, engineering, production and supply of pulsating jigs together with warranty and post-warranty service, as well as service, repairs, retrofits of different brands of jigs. We can also provide modernisation of existing jigs in order to improve their process parameters – after a detailed analysis of user requirements and type of jigs at the plant. Our jigs are used at Pniówek, Jas-Mos, Borynia and Bogdanka coal mines.

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