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PROCER anti-abrasive ceramics



For many years our company has repaired and refurbished machines working in extremely abrasive conditions which heavily influenced their durability and reliability. This has led us to design a material which would meet the highest requirements in this respect.

PROCER is a special ceramic material with unexpectedly high resistance to abrasion.It can be successfully utilised in all kinds of chutes, drums, screw conveyors, pipeline protective linings, as well as parts of machines exposed to erosive properties of various liquids.

PROCER is commercially available in mats sized 500x500x6 mm.On customer's request we can supply other shapes.


Technical characteristics

1. Shape:
    - mat sized 500x500x6 mm made up of tiles sized 20x20x6 mm.

2. Technical data:
    - pressed density:3.7 g/cm3;
    - open porosity:0%;
    - absorbability:0%;
    - maximum working temperature:1600°C;
    - abrasibility test in ambient temperature in silicon carbide jet:
    - PROCER weight loss:<5.6%.

3. Installation:bonding with cleaned and degreased steel using ceramics-metal glue.

4. Applications:
    - chutes;
    - feeding pipes;
    - screw conveyor drums;
    - hydrocyclones;
    - parts subject to erosive properties of water (centrifuges), etc.

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