The first GHT filter press in Poland proves successful!

News » The first GHT filter press in Poland proves successful!

October 2011 saw the conclusion of the project “Construction of a system for recovery of solids from water-slurry suspension containing only particles below 25µm for JSW SA KWK Jas-Mos”. The aim of the project was to make it possible to dewater a troublesome effluent from screen-bowl centrifuges installed at Jas-Mos coal mine's processing plant owned by Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa SA.


The customer decided to go with a technology offered by the leading global producer of filter presses – Italian company DIEMME Filtration. Following detailed filtration tests of the Jas-Mos coal sediment the producer sized for this project a GHT 1500.P7 filter press equipped with:

  • 41 recessed filter plates,
  • 40 membrane filter plates,
  • filter press feeding system from both sides,
  • control touch panel,
  • drip tray,
  • an automatic high pressure filter cloth washing system,
  • fixed and photocell protections.


Apart from the filter press the dewatering system includes:

  • centrifugal pump feeding the filter press,
  • screw compressor for cake blowing,
  • piston compressor for membrane squeezing,
  • pressure tanks,
  • platform for plate and cloth replacement.


The above system configuration allowed to meet the customer’s process requirements:

  • system productivity: minimum 8 Mg/h of dry solids,
  • recovery of solids:minimum 98%.
  • Wex residual moisture content in the dewatered product: maximum 28%.


The realised project confirmed the top quality of the DIEMME Filtration filter presses as well as the high level of professionalism of DIEMME Filtration, PROREM and Biuro Projektów PROREM who were responsible for the technological side of the project.


The 13th Scientific-Technical Conference KOMEKO 2012 saw two papers regarding this project. Below you can find links to these papers in PDF.


PROREM paper


Jas-Mos paper

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